What is a Brilliant Labs 

Smart Home? 

What you need...

Teams that choose this challenge can pre design their Brilliant Labs Smart Home for Kitty.  

The goal this challenge is to construct a functional cardboard Smart Home that may include simple machines like pulleys & levers to move doors, bridges or toys.  For more of a challenge consider using code to program an automatic feeder, lighting or motion detected toys. 

Brilliant Labs staff will be onsite to help participants with coding and supply some materials

1. Find 2-5 builders to create your team. 

2. Register for the Cardboard For Kitty event on or before April 4th. 

3. Make a plan and pre-design your Smart Home for kitty. 

4. Cardboard and a Kent Building Supplies Builder's Kit will be provided.  Brilliant Labs will also provide some electronics and guidance to help you create your home. 

5. You can bring toys, decorations or things that you want to include. 

Brilliant Labs has limited sponsored space available for educator & student teams. If your team would like to build a Brilliant Smart Home please contact and reference this event. 

How can this event 

help student learning?

     Events like Cardboard For Kitty not only give youth a chance to build and have fun but helps develop global competencies as they communicate and collaborate in teams to engineer and problem solve using a design process.  The experience also reinforces the importance of a socially responsible entrepreneurial spirit.                  

     Teams will certainly run into complex situations, but like engineers, they can work together to find a solution.             

Participating teams 

will develop the followingsskills and competencies:

  • Collaboration & Communication

  • Innovation, Creativity, &    Entrepreneurship

  • Self Awareness & Self Direction

  • Critical Thinking & Problem  Solving

  • Engineering Design Process

  • Numeracy (Measurement)

  • Digital Skills (Coding and  Circuits)

  • Fine motor skills & Tool  Manipulation

Looking for help on how to make  curricular connections?  Please send an email to

Thank-you to the Engineers and Geoscientists Association of New Brunswick for sponsoring this event and inspiring youth to become innovators and STEM leaders.  

Cardboard For Kitty is a youth lead fundraiser created for the Saint John SPCA Animal Rescue with help from these generous event sponsors: 

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Thank you to our growing list of prizes, draws, & team sponsors: 

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Created to help our furry friends.